Air Freight

Air Freight:

Is the transport of goods by aircraft from one place to another and from one country to another and includes all information networks and the actual transport of aircraft, equipment, warehouses, warehouses, handling equipment and packaging. Air freight is characterized by speed and the possibility of rapid response to transport requirements to meet the required emergency transport as in large disasters as well as the transport of perishable goods, medical materials and others. In view of the importance of the role of air cargo, many companies have developed cargo and cargo aircraft and increased the size of their absorption and supplied with large doors to allow the loading of large or long cargo and increased the hardness of the ground and equipped with solid rollers and points to install various types of shipments and provided some of the cranes along the airframe to move Different weights

Some were manufactured without windows. On the other hand, air transport companies have developed specialist air cargo departments or established new specialized air cargo companies. As demand for air cargo increased, airports began to build specialized air cargo handling pavilions, specialized air cargo companies and regular scheduled flights to transport air freight increased.

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